Saturday, September 30, 2006

Well, he's back

Lovely spouse returned from fishing trip last evening. Although he brought no fishes home, (which is actually ok with me, since I don't like to eat fish) he caught several on his last day there. (Note: he usually fishes catch and release). Anyway, two were Chinook salmon, which are catch and release this year, and two were wild Steelhead, which are ALWAYS catch and release.

All-in-all, a good trip for all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Week Two

Well, it wasn't such a good week for success. The world won out more than exercise.

Thursday: Did not get to Vacaville until 7:30. Tried to walk that night at home, but the smoke from nearby fires made breathing too difficult. North wind was blowing and my nose doesn't like the north wind.

Friday: Took me over two hours to get from my house to Vacaville. My normally quiet commute (of 50 minutes) was disrupted by a major freeway road closure that had my route be everyone's alternate route. Fires everywhere and more north wind

Saturday: Just the usual housecleaning, laundry and yardwork. doesn't that count?

Sunday: Brandt left to go fishing. Started super cleaning and reorganizing the laundry room.

Monday: Off to a new week. Did the Epic circuit and walked .2 mile and "ran" .4.

Tuesday: Intended on swim, but decided to sleep in instead.

Wednesday: The Epic Circuit again. Actually, seeing some improvement in the sets. Maybe by this time next week, I will have to increase some of the weight.

Here's this weeks score: World: 5 Me: 2 Bye: 1

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well, he is off

My lovely spouse has gone fishing. He left Sunday. He is in the northern most part of California, trying his hand at Salmon and Steelhead fishing. I wasn't able to go this year, due to lack of vacation time. (I could have gone on this trip, but then not gone to see our uncle in Oregon next month).

Anyway, he has gone to a new place, somewhere he has never fished before. I talked with him last evening. He is having a good time and enjoying the solitude. The dogs, on the other hand, miss him terribly. I am not sure if it is the fact that he is gone, or the fact that I take advantage of him being gone to do some serious "housecleaning". (Translation: Mom goes through all the cupboards and pitches stuff we haven't used in the past howeverlongitsbeen). This means a couple of days of mess, until it all gets sorted.

Just wish I could keep from gathering so much crap.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Can't sleep

Every once in a great while, I can't sleep. Can't figure out why. Most of the time, I am out before my head hits the pillow and I am out all night. I have always been able to sleep just about anywhere, any time. Tonight. Wide awake.

I have been looking at numbers for two days. Maybe I can't get them out of my head. I tried my quirky way of relaxing to fall asleep and it lasted twenty minutes. Here it is 11 pm and I am wide awake. Maybe it is the north wind, or that we have been letting the kittens in the house that has me wired.

Well, I don't like it. I need my eight-plus hours damn it. I am very crabby without them. Look out, tomorrow. Looks like it is going to be a long night.

Good morning. to you all.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Snagged this from my lovely sis, Bon, who got it from Tara. I, too, have not watched this show, but at least I share her last name.

Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You?

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Good morning

I have promised a dear friend that I will post my progress of being an Intrinsic Exerciser. We both think that if I have to keep the world updated, then the world (in my mind) will not find reasons for me to not stick with the program.

So, I have decided that Wednesday each week will be post progress day.

Thursday (9/14): Treaded water (with fins on) for twenty minutes in the deep pool. Dog paddled (with the exercise mits) for ten. Probably should have gone in the lap pool, but I arrived late and it takes me FOREVER to get in the water.

Friday (9/15): Day off. Refrigerator delivered. Cleaned house. (Does that count?)

Saturday (9/16): Walked two miles. Took me 45 minutes. Lots of traffic.

Monday (9/18): Used the Epic Circuit. Walked .4 miles (to the corner and back)

Tuesday (9/19): Swam for 20 minutes. Forgot to count laps.

Wednesday (9/20): Used the Epic Circuit. Walked for .2 miles and jogged for .3 (love the mileage markers on the City trail.)

Now, don't think I abandoned my new fitness friend. It is just that "he" is very popular and Members have priority.

Later days.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What was I thinking

Actually, thinking is the operative word, there. I wasn't.

Haven't heard from one of my very troubled siblings in many, many moons. (Not enough moon, however.) My cell phone rang; I glanced at the number and thought it was my elderly neighbor, so I answered it. UGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

So, I listened and kicked myself for answering.

Bottom line. I can't help this person and I really don't want to.

Am I bad?


Monday, September 18, 2006

Thank you, Thank you, FOX

Last week, I posted about the annoying noise the television was making everytime FOX wanted to show an updated score during the football game. WELL,

SOMEONE listened. Not sure who, but that noise was gone during the games yesterday.

Thank you....

That's Why They Call It...

Echo Arena. More on that in a minute.

Sir Elton was wonderful, delightful, energetic and better than even the most rabid Captain Fantastic fan could hope for. Can't think of enough adjectives to describe his performance on Friday night in Sacramento. He played for two hours and forty-some-odd minutes. NON-STOP. (Even forgot to take a few to introduce the Band. This concert kicked off his North American Tour).

He played “old songs” and in what I consider a gusty move, played all ten songs from his new album, The Captain and the Kid, due out September 19th. I call this move gusty, because if you aren’t sure how you will be received, it could bomb. I have seen it happen to the best of them: Bruce, Sir Paul, to name a few. I had to remind the people in front of us on several occasions that we were not at sporting event, but a concert and to BE QUIET. He didn’t play any of his movie scores; for which I was probably the only one disappointed. (We saw Aida earlier this summer at Music Circus, and of course, I am a sucker for The Lion King.)

Now, for the “Why I hate concerts at ARCO” part. Arco Arena and the first show in a Tour. The mike mix stunk for the first three or four songs. The music, piano, guitar and other keyboards were GREAT. (Since he didn’t introduce the band, I can’t tell you who they were, the lead guitar could give Joe Walsh a run for his money.) Elton’s mike: SUCKED. Don’t know if that was Elton’s (first live show on the tour) or Arco’s crew (Arco just plain sucks for concerts, unless you are on the floor. But from there you can’t see anything because no one sits down), but it should not have taken three songs to get it close to being ok. Then, of course there is that icky echo. At first, I thought the people behind us were merely being rude and talking. Then, I turned and looked, and the four seats in the row behind me were empty.

And, while I am ragging on my fellow concert goers, can’t you people sit still? Or did your wife drag you along and you had to get up four times in a 90-minute period to get another beer?

Would I go again? YOU bet, especially if it was in a different venue. May even consider traveling to the bay area or LA to a real concert arena.

Overall, LOVED IT!!!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Going to see Elton John

We are off to see Elton John tonight at Arco Arena, affectionately known as "Echo Arena".

Will let you know how it was. Wish Arco didn't echo like it does?

How many bottles

of ketchup, mustard and mayonaise does one two-person household need?

Our new refrig should be here shortly. So, I am cleaning out the old one. Guess what I found.

Two bottles of ketchup; four bottles of mayo and three of mustard. UGGGGH.

And there are only two of us. Maybe the dogs did it. That's it. Cocoa did it. (Thanks, Amanda).

At least there was no science experiences in the back of the refrigerator.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where are they?

I know you are waiting with baited breath to see my 12 of 12 photo display.

As you know, I am no techno genius. I ran into a couple of minor problems and they are being worked on.

I will get them posted. I WILL I WILL I WILL..........

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

12 of 12 September 2006

Hope this works
The new building. We moved in last week. Still doing boxes.
Taken at 7:30 am, Vacaville, California

My new Best “Fitness Friend”

The Spark Bike from Expresso Fitness. This is the sunset bliss ride. It is a virtual reality bike ride. You can race different people. It is so realistic that one of the downhill sections really makes me motion sick. But it is a blast to race others. Taken at Millennium SportsClub Vacaville, Vacaville, CA

The new Preschool Playground

Millennium SportsClub Vacaville We still can’t walk on the grass.

My new office.
Two windows and trees. Never have to turn on the lights. Vacaville CA
The View from both windows

My Italy Gift

My Sister-in-law and Mother-in-law just returned from Italy. I asked them to bring be back a Ferrari. This was all they could get on the plane. Oh, well.


Good Morning

Are you working on your 12 of 12 photos? I am. Probably won't post them until tomorrow morning, since dial up can be soooooooo fast.

I also have continued the morning exercise routine. 6th work day in a row. Yea!! (Sporadically, I have continued the stretching and mind exercises in the evening at home) Photos of my new fitness "friend" will be in the 12 of 12 feature.

Have a good day.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Someone call FOX and tell them

to lose the sound effects during the game.

I have been looking forward to football season since February. Now, FOX, which carries my beloved '9ers, (No comments from the peanut gallery), has the rolling score board across the top and they have added sound effects. That silly bell would be better than the sound of ripping paper underwater or gears in your printer grinding noise.

Can you say ANNOYING? By the way, what happen to the duh, duh, duh bell that used to ring?

Is anyone else completely and utterly annoyed? Maybe it is just me since the '9ers are getting "killed" by the Cardinals.

UGGHHH. I think I will get NFL Sunday Ticket. Or just listen on the radio.

Two Days Away, Part II

So, my lovely sister(-in-law) Bonnie has a friend Chad. (See post below)

He started a photo expose he calls 12 of 12. Here is the link to his website. Chad's 12 of 12

Tuesday is the 12th. Tuesdays are usually a very busy day of the week at work, so I have no idea what the photos will bring, but at least one will be of my new office. We moved in this past week. YEA!!!!

Haven't written too much about it, because the techno gremlins were out in force. Technology is WONDERFUL, until it fails.

But, we are up and running; have nearly everything in its place and a place for everything. Well, almost.

I have two windows, but the view is the local bike trail and a tree. Not complaining, mind you. I will nearly never have to turn on the lights. It is wonderful.


Two days away

And I still haven't figured out links. MUST figure out links. Need to be able to link to Chad's website so I can credit him with 12 of 12.

Let's try another one. Does the one to my lovely sister-in-laws work? Bonnie's Blog

Can I delete this entry if it doesn't work?

Whoopie!!!!! I learned my first hmtl code!!!!!! Amazing what you can do when you read.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

12 of 12 I will be there this month!!!!!!

Ok, so I have been trying since July to get my photos posted so I can participate in the brain-child of Chad Darnell.
Now, if I could just figure out how to post a link to his site so you can see what I am talking about and participate too.

It is one week away. This old dog will learn. I promise.

And at some point, I will get my July and August photos posted so you can see them, albeit late.



Roman Numerals and who cares

Ok, so when did the number IV (4) become IIII?

I really hadn't noticed until a co-worker of mine pointed out that the new clock in the town square had an incorrect numeral 4. (By the way, the City's response to her phone call was, 'Well, everyone gets confused between IV and VI, so we ordered it that way'.

Then I started looking around. A new clock we purchased for our new lobby has the same number 4. And, guess what, my desk clock that I have had for six years has the IIII as the four o'clock number.

So, I ask you....When did it change?


Saturday, September 02, 2006

"The Birds" has arrived

Daphne Du Maurier, who wrote the story, and Evan Hunter, who adapted the story to the screen play, must have lived near a hunting perserve.

Yesterday, September 1st, was the opening of Dove hunting season. And my neighbors went to it with glee. The shooting began at dawn. And then....

The Birds
came. How they know we don't hunt, I do not know. But my front yard looks like a Dove refugee camp. And in November, the front pasture will look like a pheasant family reunion. Do they have calendars? How do they know?

Our trees are full of Doves and Quail. The yard is covered. The kittens are having a field day, trying their hunting skills, but to no avail. The old cat, just sits and smiles. She's been through this routine for the past seventeen years. I will wait for another few weeks to wash the sides of the house to remove the bird poo.

Ah, but I won't trade my country home for any other place, save maybe a house on the beach. And there, there would be seagulls. No wonder that movie scares me so. You never know if they will turn......

Friday, September 01, 2006

Which came first......

So, my refrigerator of 17 years is thinking about dying. It has not kicked the bucket yet, but it is old and getting less and less efficient.

So, I go looking online for new energy efficient, snazzier models. Guess what I find. My current location is not tall enough for current models of the same cubic feet size. (Current one is 20.2). All the ones that are that size are 68-70 inches tall. (I only have 67 inches from the floor to the cabinet).

There has been lots of talk about the increase in America's girth.

So, I ask you. Which came first, the increase in American's mid sections, or the increase in Refrig height? I think there is a retationship here.

Why I have Cacti

in my yard.

They take little care and produce some of the most beautiful flowers. BUT it has to be hot. Like last July. (In August, we had no days over 100). So, I haven't had flowers since late July. Oh, well. There are always trade offs, aren't there?