Friday, February 08, 2008

Civic Duty Done

Well, it was an interesting two days. Actually, it was an afternoon of one day and a morning of the next.

Civic Duty complete for another year or so. Although I have enjoyed the process in the past and took my "job" on the previous two juries very seriously, I am gratful I did not make this panel. I was never called. Got to the courtroom, but they never called me to the box.

It was criminal and it was murder. Eight weeks minimum. It wasn't the thought of being away from work for that long that bothered me, it was the idea that I couldn't talk about what I was or was not doing for that long. ARgggghhhh!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Speaking of being Civic

I am off to Jury Duty. Not sure what to expect this go around. (I get called every three years, like clockwork. Fortunately, my boss is on nearly the same schedule).

I get to go and sit and wait at 1pm today. I am glad they have gone to the one-day or one trial method, but I have been on-call since Monday morning. Makes planning your work day a bit tough, not knowing if you are going to be at work or at the courthouse.

I have been on two juries. One criminal. One civil. Both were very interesting.

More later.