Friday, April 27, 2007

Damn, Again, Still no Dawg

Well, we received several phone calls from two different people in an apartment complex about 12 miles from our house. They saw our fliers. They are certain she is hanging with one of their neighbors dogs. We went door-to-door yesterday, talking with people and asking if they had seen her. Nothing.

We got a call from a young girl, about 12. She is certain she saw her at the grocery store that is 4 miles from here and 8 miles from the apartment complex noted above. We drive by there early and late every day. No find.

We got a call from a store manager at another grocery store, 10 miles from here, 6 miles from the apartment complex and 15 from the other grocery store. He is certain she was there hanging out a couple of nights ago. But he wasn't able to catch her. She just ran to cover.

Personally, I think aliens have abducted her.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DAMN, Still no Dawg

Dawg still has not come home. She also hasn't been at any of the local shelters or spcas.

My new theory is that aliens have abducted her. Just like Burt, from the tv show, SOAP.

Brandt has no theories. We have had several possible sitings, but still no Pretty Girl.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wow, what a week

Well, not too much on the basketball. Kind of lost interest in being a fanatic on Tuesday. My emotional focus went elsewhere.

I came home from work early because we are doing some construction and we have "free" dirt. I need some additional dirt for my new covered paddocks. The clouds were very thick and black to the north, but the storm seemed to be headed east and north, just fine. I unload the 4 yards of dirt. The inside dogs want out; I let them out. Kitty and Angus come back in; Dawg stays out. (Not coming back in is not unusual for her). She stays out. I go back to work. To get another load of dirt.

I return home approximately four hours later. The two outside dogs, Precious and Boy, greet me with teeth a flaring, until they see that it is me. (I am in a company truck with a trailer, not my normal car). No Dawg. Still not unusual. As I am driving into the pasture with the dirt, the skies become grey and then the rumbling begins. I get the trailer positioned where I want it and dump the load. Boom!!!!!! The first thunderbolt hits our area. 3/4 of an inch of rain in less than 20 minutes. Just like being in the midwest in the summer.

Still no Dawg. I begin to look around. Not in the barn; not under the house. Ummmm!! DAMN, and I had taken her collar off Monday night, because she was keeping me awake. DAMN.

I call my three immediate neighbors; no, they hadn't seen her today. But they weren't really looking for her, either. Since she comes visiting nearly every day, they really hadn't noticed. Fair.

Brandt gets home. We go to the neighbors that we have to drive to. Yep, they know her; Nope, they haven't seen her today. DAMN. They'll keep their eyes open for her.

Now, mind you, it is not unusual for her to be gone for the entire day, but she always comes home at night. She loves feeding the horses, as she loves their cookie treats. Still no Dawg. Not the next morning either. DAMN.

Wednesday, I start looking for photos. Only one I have on the computer is this one from my cell phone. DAMN.

I make fliers and after work, hit the local feed stores, markets and vet clinics. I registered with the local (since I live near three county lines, local is many) animal shelters, spcas etc. I post her photo online. I expand our search to a ten mile radius of our home. I walk the pastures. I walk the train tracks. NOTHING. No sign of her. Anywhere.

I am still looking. Everyone I know is looking. How could one 13 year old, 45 pound, chow/lab mix, just disappear? Who knows? But she did, afterall, just appear one day, eleven years ago. Maybe she is related to Agent K.