Saturday, December 20, 2008

Meme Tagged Again...and Loving It

Well, the fabulous SIL has Facebook tagged me to play the Random Share Meme. Of course, she thought enough of me to ask me to participate, which "requires" I do. I love it. (See number 15)

So here goes...

1. I love to daydream. Anywhere, anytime. Some call it a lack of focus, but that’s because I am not usually focusing where they think I should be.
2. I am sometimes considered a bit snobby. That’s probably because I am daydreaming or focusing on something else. Or sitting in the corner, observing.
3. I am afraid of falling. Not heights, but falling. I will climb up really high places, like my horse, the roof of my barn, the edge of a cliff. But don’t ask me to get down, without much deep breathing and mental games.
4. I like to learn new things, just wish I grasped them quicker.
5. It takes a lot of crap for you to get on my $hit list, but once you are there, kiss our relationship goodbye.
6. I am grateful that I have surrounded myself with others who are not so intolerant.
7. I try to live with this in mind: “NEVER throw the first punch; but ALWAYS throw the last one.
8. I hate discussing money.
9. I am learning to become “comfortable with being uncomfortable.”
10. I have the ability to listen to several conversations in a room or down the hall, or to tune them all out. Helps when the radio, television, internet, cd player and the dvd are all playing while I am typing or reading.
11. There are times, when I think something is so simple, I don’t get why no one else gets it. Conversely, there are some things that others find so simple that a two-year-old gets it and I can’t fathom how it works.
12. I do not stop at either of the stop signs near my house. (If you have ever seen them, you would not stop either.)
13. I LOVE football. College, professional, high school, Pop Warner. Doesn’t matter. But I can’t get into Fantasy football, because they don’t like defense. I love defense. KILL the quarterback. That’s my motto.
14. I love to travel. I could get in a motorhome tomorrow and never look back. (That is of course if there was someway to pay for food and fuel for said motorhome).
15. I procrastinate too much. Sometimes, it even pays off.
16. I cannot sing in tune with anyone. Keeping a beat is right behind that. Not even myself. The dogs howl whenever I start singing along with the cd player or radio.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

So, Why was 12 of 12 posted so late

The crowd was pleased that there were no commuting photos, but disappointed in the amount and their posting delay. Poo on you. You see, the well sprung a leak. And with a leaky well, comes, well, a big puddle and no water to bathe in, or provide refreshment to the critters. So, the process began.

The pipe exposed.

Kitty "stupervising" as my father called it.

The tiny leak. You can barely see it...Amazing how such a small hole can create such destruction.

However, we were close to "disaster", because when we removed the coupling, it cracked in half.

RedTail Hawk taking charge overhead.

So, the well is fixed and we have water again. And we made it to the Christmas Party at the Hupp's without delay. A good day.


Friday, December 12, 2008

12 of 12 for December

Thanks for viewing this month's edition of my 12 of 12 musings of which there are only seven. Not sure why the holiday photos didn't come out, other than I really didn't want to be there.

For those of you new to 12 of 12, it is the brainchild of Chad Darnell. Thanks, Chad. Hope you are feeling better. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. And, FIGHT that insurance company.

And, Happy Birthday, Quinn. WOW! the Big 1-0. Following Auntie Lizzie's Big 5-0.

Foggy, foggy morning. Photo taken in Elverta at 6:30 am. Visibility was about 1/2 mile.

By the time I arrived near Dixon, CA. The sun was peaking through. Take about 7:00am.
My Sister-in-Law, April, was in Vacaville for a business meeting, so we went to lunch at BJ's. Taken at 1:00pm.
Massage and sugarwrap time. Molly's door decorated for the season. Taken at 4:00pm. Vacaville, CA.
The Vichi Shower. Damn, it feels so good. 4:00pm Vacaville CA
Post Massage and wrap. Getting ready for the Christmas Party for Staff at the Millennium SportsClub Vacaville.
OOPS. Forgot to turn this photo. Well, this is the out fit for the party.

And now, showered and hair somewhat ready to go, off to the party.

The food and coat collection barrels. Taken at 6:15 pm.

Party guests arriving. 6:30pm
And I have no idea where photos 11 and 12 are. But, since it is now Monday. That, as they say, is ALL.
Thanks for viewing.

Well, the day started like the rest for the past three weeks: Unable to see more than a hundred feet due to fog.