Thursday, September 06, 2007

Good news and bad news

Ok. So last night, I have this very vivid, action-packed dream. I mean a great story. Wonderful characters. Wow, this would make the "Great American Novel" look like a comicbook. Better start writing it down. So, I do. Frantically, I am writing as the dream is unfolding. It started out with the epilogue first (guess because I always read the last chapter first). It was great. You'll have to trust me.

So, what is the good and the bad news? Depends on your point of view. You won't be reading this great artwork, as when I truly woke up this morning, the only thing on my paper is "Twenty years ago today it all started." And then nothing. Not even chicken scratches. And, of course, since I was writing it all down, I don't remember anything. Well, except the beginning. And that it was good. (sigh)

Pieces here; pieces there. Maybe this is how it begins.



Yea. Football has returned. Both college and pro.
Go Penn State and Papa Joe.
Go Dawgs (if you aren't playing PS).
Go '9ers.

So, those are my "teams". But who will reign as Champ? mmmmm.

If I were in Tahoe or Reno, I would put my money on USC and Penn State and on the Colts and Saints. oooohhh, gotta go they are playing right now.

Love football. Love the mud; the rain; the snow. Yea, Yea, they are playing indoors and its 110 out, but who cares. Crush that quarterback. IT'S FOOOTBALL, BABY!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Let the shooting begin

Most mornings, I wake to the sound of the southbound Amtrak train whistle or the horses demanding to be fed. Sometimes it is Angus wanting to go out to do his "business". However, every September 1st, I am jolted out of bed by shooting and strange bird noises.

Yes, Dove season has begun. At sunrise. And every dove in the county has been talking to the pheasants and therefore, know that we don't hunt. So they are in our trees, on our roof, under the eaves and in the yard. Hiding.

Hope it works.

The dogs don't like the shooting. Luke and friends care not.

Off to see Baily, our newest niece, and her sister Bridget. More later.