Friday, April 27, 2007

Damn, Again, Still no Dawg

Well, we received several phone calls from two different people in an apartment complex about 12 miles from our house. They saw our fliers. They are certain she is hanging with one of their neighbors dogs. We went door-to-door yesterday, talking with people and asking if they had seen her. Nothing.

We got a call from a young girl, about 12. She is certain she saw her at the grocery store that is 4 miles from here and 8 miles from the apartment complex noted above. We drive by there early and late every day. No find.

We got a call from a store manager at another grocery store, 10 miles from here, 6 miles from the apartment complex and 15 from the other grocery store. He is certain she was there hanging out a couple of nights ago. But he wasn't able to catch her. She just ran to cover.

Personally, I think aliens have abducted her.


So, it was ok

My tail bone still smarts. (No, it is not because that is where all my brains are stored). I sat on Luke, but didn't really ride. The bouncing at the trot was still too rough.

He is going to another show tomorrow. Will let you know how he does. Several from the barn are going, some to take their horses to watch. Heather swears this is the last time she is jumping. We'll see.

This is a photo of the Yearling we rescued late last year. Rufus T. Firefly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boot Camp Update

Mr. KoolHandLuke is certain he has been sentenced to a life of a Florida Prison Camp refugee, like his namesake. Well, don't feel too sorry for him, he only has to be good for 2 hours or so a week and the occasional show. His life is hard from rough.

Thus far, unlike his namesake, he is conforming. He only "talked" out of turn once and was very good. Friday is the true test. I get to ride him then, for the first time since I fell.

This picture was taken last summer at a show.

Everyone at home misses him, but not too much. BJ and Rufus T Firefly are having a grand time just hanging in the pasture and not having the herdmeister around to make them move.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Not ready to graduate

but, progressing well. The PUNK. Nothing like your "children" knowing what buttons to push to set you off, is there?

Well, after two days of Boot Camp and being confined to a stall, with a small turnout, Luke is behaving like the gentleman he can and should be.

This is Luke and Heather in the 3' class. He got fourth. In his last class, he knocked a rail on the next to the last fence, but placed second his other earlier class. More importantly, he was good, well-mannered and everyone wanted to know why I was so mad at him.

Sure knows how to "shine" when the spotlight is on him.

Looking forward to getting back in the saddle.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Surviving Boot Camp

Just heard from Heather. Luke thinks I have sent him to "hell". I say, it is better than the Glue Factory.

BUT, he is a quick study and figured out that she meant business. I don't know if he will talk to me when I go to see him tomorrow, but I will let you know.

We are taking him to a show on Saturday. That experience should demonstrate that he has it good and needs to behave for me. I will let you know how the two of us do.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Apparently, I am a BEEATCH

When the rest of the world perceives you as one thing, is it time to change their view of you, or change your surroundings? When only one person in your world recognizes your wealth and contribution, and begins to have doubts to their true weight, because those around can not grasp that value, do you stand up and make your intangible value known, or say good-bye? And does saying good-bye then demonstrate your value or just your bitchiness?

Some say it doesn't matter what others think; you have to be happy with yourself. Am I happy? Well, that is a bit too esoterically minded for this morning, but yes, basically, I am very happy. Would I like "things" to be different? Sure, there are a ton of things I would like to change, and I change the ones that are important.

So, how important is this time to change? And will it work, or not? With some of the unforgiving I am surrounded by, I say not.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Glue Factory Extraordinaire

and if he isn't careful, he will be sent part and parcel to the Slaughter House.

Those of you who know me, know I jest. Those of you who don't, well, it takes a lot to make me mad, but once you do it, YOU ARE DOOMED!

Mr. KoolHandLuke has decided he likes being lazy. He likes being King of his Pasture; Lord of the Weeds. He can't even behave for a 60 minute lesson. Yesterday, was the last straw. He bucked and bucked and bucked. Would not go straight. Went over all the jumps he was supposed to BUT in between he was a jerk.

He heads to boot camp sometime this week. Have to rearrange a couple of previous commitments, but off to boot camp it is.

I will let you know how this gentle giant bully does.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Rain

So, the kitchen is now presentable, (not like I get many visitors), the living room is better, the family room is usable again AND I finished our taxes. (Actually, they have been "done" for several weeks, but because we have to pay the State of California AGAIN this year, I didn't really want to look at them.)

We got nearly 3/4 of an inch of rain today. That is one of the heaviest days we have had this season. Planning on taking Luke to the show across the street. Not sure if I will actually ride him. Back is better, sore, but better. Tail bone is not happy at all. It is a good excuse to take drugs. ;)


Today it is raining. I think the universe is trying to give me a break. I was going to have to choose between finishing our taxes and our monthly bill paying and cleaning the house or going to a horse show.

So, Today it rained. So, today it will be paperwork and cleaning. Nice fire in the fireplace, clothes washing and maybe, just maybe the house will get cleaned.

Yea, like that's goin' happen.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

12 of 12 April

Thank you,Chad for such a wonderful idea.

The Nut Tree is back!!! Located in Vacaville, CA, it was a place we stopped when we were coming home from SF. It closed for a while, but is reopened. YEA!!!!!! Vacaville CA 6:45am

The green hills of Vacaville. They won’t be green much longer. Vacaville, CA 6:55am

Our new sign. I think it was worth the wait. (We moved into our new offices last September.) Vacaville, CA 7:15am

The parking structures at Millennium SportsClub Vacaville. The solar installation is nearly complete. Vacaville CA 7:15am

Parking structure with the solar panels installed. Everyone is excited about the shaded parking. I am excited about saving on our electric bill. Vacaville CA 7:20am

What happens when you drop a solar panel from a two-story roof? This is the result. Vacaville, CA 7:30am

My new best friend. The Vichy Shower. At Millennium Salon and Spa. I can walk with ease today because of the treatment yesterday. Vacaville, CA 10:15am

My “Love UMA” mouse pad arrived yesterday. YEA!!! Listening to Elton John’s Duets and trying to get all the post-it notes from the week cleared off my desk. Well, I was down to three by this time. Vacaville CA 11:15 am

The new citrus area. Nearly complete. Seven trees. Two may or may not have survived the cold weather this winter, only time will tell. Elverta CA 5:30pm

This month’s Spring flowers. Iris. They looked beautiful and full yesterday, but with today’s 15mph north wind, gusting to 25, they have fallen over today. Still pretty, just not tall like yesterday. Elverta CA 6pm

I love the color of this one. Elverta CA 6:15pm

Even the raspberries have flowers and leaves. Yummmm! Elverta CA 6:15pm

Bonus Word: Poison

This is a “weed”. Its common name is Fiddleneck. It is poisonous for horses to eat. Best way to eradicate it. Pull it. We have very little in our pastures, because we pull it when it first emerges. Thought we had gotten it all for this year. Yes, I pulled this one after taking its picture. Elverta CA 6:30pm


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DAMN, Still no Dawg

Dawg still has not come home. She also hasn't been at any of the local shelters or spcas.

My new theory is that aliens have abducted her. Just like Burt, from the tv show, SOAP.

Brandt has no theories. We have had several possible sitings, but still no Pretty Girl.


12 of 12 is tomorrow

Yep. It is the 12th again. Tomorrow. Be there or be here.

12 of 12 was started by Chad Darnell. You take 12 pictures of your day, on the 12th of each month.

This months bonus topic is a randomly generated word. My word is Poison. Ummmm, going to have to think about that one.



When is old, old?

A friend of mine, with whom I ride horses, has decided to go to my Alma mater, CSU Chico. She wants to teach. She is 17. Smart. Driven. And chose Chico for some of the same reasons I did over thirty years ago: Far enough away from home to not live at home, but close enough to get home if you need (want) to. And for their teaching/education program. I have learned a lot from the young people I am around. Except, They never think of me as old I graduated 27 years ago this May. Where has the time gone?

I truly only "feel" old, when I think about how long ago it was that I did something. So, I didn't really feel old, until last night.

Luke and I had just finished a wonderful lesson at the barn across the street. I was really looking forward to showing at their schooling show this weekend. Nothing big, just get around. As we were walking out, Luke spooked and spun. Yep, complete 360. (very uncharacteristic of him) and off I came. (very characteristic of me).

My husband, affectionately, said I landed on the second most softest spot of my body, my arse. (Second to my head). Luke doesn't usually spook, but this was not a nice one. He stood over me, like "what are you doing down there." After several minutes, I got back on and we began to work again, which for lazy boy, wasn't fun. He also walked home very nicely. PUNK!!!

Now, I am feeling old. I am hoping my friend will ride him in the show this weekend. We will see.

For me, I am off to the Spa for a cold therapeutic shower.

Oh, and if I ever get a hold of those guys at CALTRANS, they are getting a piece of my mind (don't worry, the part I don't use), Interstate 80 is WAY TOO BUMPY.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Baseball Has Started; Basketball is Nearly Over

The official first game of the season was played last night. My Dad's Cardinals didn't fair too well. Can they repeat? Who knows? Only time will tell.

Giants and Barry. Well, he hit seven in preseason, so hopefully, the tickets will sell this year. The All Star Game as well.

And, with the two numbers ones remaining, GO GATORS! My entire fortune of $.25 is riding on you.