Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Show

Well, we survived the show. And exceeded our goals (maybe I should have set them a bit higher). Na, that is what next show season is for.

It was a blast. Luke and Heather did well in the Level 2 Jumpers (three foot, three inch fences). They were first one day and had fun the others. Not bad for the pasture pony who only gets out once or twice a week. Luke and I did well too. He was the star, babysitting me like a good pony. I wasn't too bad either. I remembered to jump all the fences in the correct order, (unlike the show in July). I didn't stop at any fences. (Note: Luke never stops, only I do). AND I nearly cantered an entire course without breaking to the trot. Very pleased with our progress.

Here are some photos of the week. Our barnmate, Linda, also took some photos of Luke and me, but I don't have those yet, so I will post when I receive them. We didn't participate in the costume contest, because our last class didn't finish until about 30 minutes before hand. I also couldn't find that last piece.

The barns ribbons. One of the blues is Luke's.

Our headless monster (above) and our barn setup (below).

Heather and Lumley, the motorcycle speeding patrol. They won again this year.

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