Saturday, January 19, 2008

Meet Mr. Cogburn

So, I wrote a couple of weeks ago about surviving the hurricane force winds that graced our area, but I haven't updated you on what the wind blew in. (Well, I mentioned him in my 12 of 12)

We lost the normal number of severe winter storm branches and one smaller tree; nothing major. We also acquired a rooster. Yes, a male chicken. Very pretty. Very loud at dawn. Quiet otherwise. Manages to stay away from the dogs and the horses. Has assisted in the moving of compost around the roses.

He has a white neck, green and rust wing feathers, and green and black tail feathers. We have asked all the neighbors two questions. Their responses have all been the same. “Did you lose a rooster?” No. “Do you want a rooster?” HELLLLLLLL NO!!!!!!!

So, although I have been told we aren’t keeping him, “we” did name him, Reuben J. Rooster Cogburn.

Maybe this is why we don’t have any children?


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