Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When is old, old?

A friend of mine, with whom I ride horses, has decided to go to my Alma mater, CSU Chico. She wants to teach. She is 17. Smart. Driven. And chose Chico for some of the same reasons I did over thirty years ago: Far enough away from home to not live at home, but close enough to get home if you need (want) to. And for their teaching/education program. I have learned a lot from the young people I am around. Except, They never think of me as old I graduated 27 years ago this May. Where has the time gone?

I truly only "feel" old, when I think about how long ago it was that I did something. So, I didn't really feel old, until last night.

Luke and I had just finished a wonderful lesson at the barn across the street. I was really looking forward to showing at their schooling show this weekend. Nothing big, just get around. As we were walking out, Luke spooked and spun. Yep, complete 360. (very uncharacteristic of him) and off I came. (very characteristic of me).

My husband, affectionately, said I landed on the second most softest spot of my body, my arse. (Second to my head). Luke doesn't usually spook, but this was not a nice one. He stood over me, like "what are you doing down there." After several minutes, I got back on and we began to work again, which for lazy boy, wasn't fun. He also walked home very nicely. PUNK!!!

Now, I am feeling old. I am hoping my friend will ride him in the show this weekend. We will see.

For me, I am off to the Spa for a cold therapeutic shower.

Oh, and if I ever get a hold of those guys at CALTRANS, they are getting a piece of my mind (don't worry, the part I don't use), Interstate 80 is WAY TOO BUMPY.


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