Monday, February 09, 2009

Taxes and other items

Anyone out there expecting a refund from the state of California. I have a proposition for you; wonder if the FTB will agree to this arrangement.

We have to pay, AGAIN this year, and will wait until April 15th to do so. But here's my proposition:

Who out there is expecting $110 refund? Step right up. How about I pay you directly? That way the state can mark me as paid and you as paid. And they don't have to handle the transaction.

Yea, I know. They'd manage to mess it up too. It was a random thought.

Photos of the new equine addition will be posted shortly.

Our half a road trip was very successful. It was great to finally meet Jimmie's family and we are looking forward to having them visit this summer.

Next on the agenda, to catch up on all the Facebook tags that people keep sending me.



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