Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 of 12 February 2009

Welcome to this month's rendition of 12 of 12, the most wonderfulist idea of Chad Darnell. Happy Birthday, Abe. The day started out dark, cold, wet and windy. And like any other Thursday, before my Friday off, it was busy hectic and the photos are from the beginning and the end of the day. Enjoy! and join us next month.

The morning commute. Very light. It is a state holiday: Lincoln's Birthday.
Yolo Causeway between West Sacramento and Davis 6:45am

The thermostat in the office. At least the heater is working today. Hopefully, it will get to the designated 68 degrees soon.
Vacaville, CA 7:15am

Two days of mail. Boss is out of town and this is his mail from home.
Vacaville, CA 8:20am

I found a new Old Time Radio listening site. They have 63 Philip Marlowe stories. Listening on the Mac iBook G4 and the club wireless.
My office, Vacaville, CA 2:15pm

My office computer desktop. Dare to you find a file. Hide 'em in plain sight, that's my motto.
My office, Vacaville, CA 2:20pm

The view out my office window. There are blue skies out there. If only for a moment.
Vacaville, CA 3:20pm

Brandt's new OTTB. The sun came out just long enough to get two photos. Then came the hail and the rain.
Elverta CA 5:05 pm

So, we are off to the Cash for College seminar. Received lots of information, but not sure how I feel about the presentation of the information. I may pontificate about that later in the application process.
Rio Linda CA 6:20pm

People at the Seminar. Rio Linda Senior High School
6:23 pm

College Banners in the Library at Rio Linda Senior High School

Found two pennies on the ground. One Lincoln heads up, One Lincoln tails up.
Thanks, Dads.
Rio Linda, CA 7:15 pm

Here's to a good Friday the 13th, part one. See you next month on the eve of Friday the 13th, part two.



At 3:56 AM, February 14, 2009 , Blogger Dogeared said...

That is one mighty full desktop!

Remind me what OTTB stands for? Anyhoo, one good looking horse!

At 6:16 AM, February 14, 2009 , Blogger Pete said...

My eyes! Your poor desktop :)

At 8:13 AM, February 14, 2009 , Blogger Lizard said...

Pete: I work on some "stuff" that is not for public (other staff until it is ready for release) consumption. I, therefore, hide it in plain sight, so no one can find anything.

Helen: Off the Track Thoroubred. I don't have his papers yet, but he has a tattoo, which means he ran at least one race


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