Monday, December 15, 2008

So, Why was 12 of 12 posted so late

The crowd was pleased that there were no commuting photos, but disappointed in the amount and their posting delay. Poo on you. You see, the well sprung a leak. And with a leaky well, comes, well, a big puddle and no water to bathe in, or provide refreshment to the critters. So, the process began.

The pipe exposed.

Kitty "stupervising" as my father called it.

The tiny leak. You can barely see it...Amazing how such a small hole can create such destruction.

However, we were close to "disaster", because when we removed the coupling, it cracked in half.

RedTail Hawk taking charge overhead.

So, the well is fixed and we have water again. And we made it to the Christmas Party at the Hupp's without delay. A good day.



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