Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 of 12 for November 2008

November 12 of 12. Here's the concept for those of you new to the idea. Take 12 photos of your day on the 12th of each month. It is the wonderful idea of Chad Darnell. People from all over the world participate.

This months photos are tiny, but I don't know why. It has something to do with having to email them to me because the wireless connection was acting up. But, they are now here. Enjoy.

Good morning. Elverta CA 6:43am.
The Nut Tree amusement park. THEY have the BEST gingerbread cookies ever. And they are BACK!!! Vacaville, CA 7:26am
A Ferrari leaving the Club parking lot. It is even red. I only drool over a couple of cars, but red Ferraris will do it to me everytime. Vacaville, CA 7:45 am.

My Desk. Photos of Heather and Luke on the right, Luke and me on the left and my Champ the Horse that I got when we went to the Autry Museum last summer. Vacaville, CA 8:45 am

The Championship Ribbons Luke won this show season, with Heather in the irons. The photo is a collage of me falling off in Watsonville.
Vacaville, CA 8:45 am

My laptop. Our T-one line died. I had to resort to the laptop. That's my Facebook page. I understand now why my SIL finds it so addicting.
Vacaville, CA 2:40 pm.

Good Evening. Sunset, Elverta CA 4:57 pm.

Just loved this cloud. Elverta CA 5:02 pm

The moon rising over the ranch. Elverta CA 5:02 pm

The Grapefruit are about ready. The orchard. Elverta CA 5:03pm

Kitty Kat, the dog, watching something. Elverta CA 5:15 pm

The kitchen herb garden. Starting to grow. Elverta CA 6:20 pm.



At 1:30 PM, November 14, 2008 , Blogger Bonnie said...

Gorgeous! :)

Great photos as always. :) So glad you share my Facebook addiction. ;) Hee!


At 3:23 AM, December 07, 2008 , Blogger Dogeared said...

Kitty Kat's adorable as always! And I do love a sunrise and sunset!

Sorry for the delay - there was jetlag-induced insomnia, work, then lots of sleep and NaNoWriMo and somehow time's flown. I'm catching up though!

Helen (Dogeared)


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