Saturday, February 09, 2008

Life is short

I am still struggling with the "Life being Fair" concept. But for some of us, Life is also too short. This is a bad time of the year for me, for a variety of reasons.

Five years ago, tomorrow, my mother died and my sister continued her spiral to the depths of nowhere, but at exponential speed; while my brother's star began to rise even higher than ever.

One year ago today, our dear neighbor died. I take Luke to her place every weekend to exercise him and get him into shape for this show year. She has a great riding arena. I shed a tear each time I look around and realize that although I can "feel" her helping me, she isn't truly there to enjoy Luke and I, like she had two years ago. I have my sites set on two or three big shows this season. And several smaller, schooling shows.

And then, Wednesday of this week, another neighbor lost a 14-year-old due to a horse accident.
They aren't sure exactly what happened and I haven't been to the neighbor's yet; but I am sure they are still in shock.

So, doesn't matter if you live to be 74; 64 or 14.

Life is short. Being daring, yet careful. (oops, here come the cliches) Live it like there is no tomorrow.



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