Monday, February 25, 2008

Angus Update (and other things)

Every lose an entire week? Ten Days. I did.

Took Angus to the vet on Friday. He is doing ok. He has a tumor on his toe, we have opted to not have it removed, but it means we have to watch him to make sure he doesn't chew it. He does well, for the most part. I hate the cone on his head (photo later) for when we aren't around, but he can't chew it. That is good. He is responding to the medication he is on; so that is good too.

While at the Vet's, I started having a bit of trouble breathing. Asthma-type symptoms. I asked the receptionist if they had many cats on Friday and she yes. So, being allergic to cats, I think nothing more about not being able to breathe. I'll find my inhaler; or so I thought.

Saturday is a normal day. Pick up my prescription for my dental surgery on Tuesday. (2/19). Head over to the barn to see the group. (Luke has an abscess so he's not ridable for a few more days). Have some trouble breathing, suck on the inhaler that I hate using because, well, I can become easily dependent.

Saturday night, all hell breaks lose, so to speak. I have trouble concentrating. Nothing tastes good. Nothing looks good. Nothing on tv is good. UGH! I think I am getting sick. DAMN. We have a birthday party to attend on Sunday. I go to bed. I get up on Sunday morning around 10. I DON'T fix our normal bacon and eggs. I fumble for the thermometer. Take my temp. 103. UGH. Still can't breathe. Just relax. It will be over soon. Or so I continue to tell myself.

I nap. I call to cancel our attendance at the birthday party. I nap. I get up and go to bed. This has got to pass. It has to. I get up at 5 on Monday morning. Still no break in the temp. I call my office mates. I call the boss, who is driving back from AZ after being gone 10 days. I go back to bed. I finally call the doctor. I am so ill, they don't want to see me. (Only somewhat joking. My doctor is very good and believing me when I tell her what I think I need. ) Can someone come pick up a different inhaler and some heavy duty cough syrup. I send Brandt who is off for President's Day.

Tuesday comes, I think. I am still running a temperature of 102. I cancel my dental surgery. Have to reschedule. The soonest I can get in is JULY. GUGHHHHHHH! I nap. I text the office. Find a replacement for girls night out. (They went to the Kings game). Not going to make it. Wednesday comes and goes. Temp finally back to normal for more than five minutes.

Thursday. I am exhausted. I have only eaten raspberry Jello. And enough water to drown a whale. Friday. (Brandt is now sick) I venture to the vet's for more medicine for Angus. Feels good to get out. I come home and nap. Saturday. I fix bacon and eggs. Dogs are happy. Sunday I take it easy.

Today, I return to work. Man. This is one nasty virus. Be glad I stayed home. But I lost an entire week. Didn't check emails; didn't surf the internet. NOTHING. A lot of nothing happened in a week. Glad I missed it.


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