Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar Magic and Baseball

Well, the camera is still not fixed, for which I am very bummed. Really needed it last night for both the RiverCats game and the full moon lunar eclipse.

The pitcher for the Cats, Dallas Braden, gave up two singles to start the game. But that is where it ended. He struck out 17, including everyone in the line up at least once and threw a complete game. He threw 106 pitches, but the amazing part was that 81 of those were for strikes. Three out of four pitches were strikes. I haven't seen anything like that in years. The Cats won 3-0.

Don't know if we will get to their two remaining games, but do plan on attending one play-off game. Good stuff, right in our backyard.

Speaking of backyards, that is where I spent the early morning hours from about 2:55am to 3:55am. Watching the lunar eclipse. The birds, frogs and crickets all became eerily silent as the rusty-red-orange hue began to smolder in the night sky. The equines all sought shelter in their pens. And although the day-time temperatures are not convinced, Fall is quickly approaching, as Orion and Taurus are once again visible low in the horizon of the early morning sky and the Big Dipper is slowing spilling its wares. If you missed the show, check out space.com they have a cool slide show.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy One Year to you all

Well, I have been pontificating and musing and rambling officially for one year today. Learn anything? I have.

After a few false starts and stops, this one has kept my interest and maybe yours too. What a interesting ride it has been.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.


1. Camera is still dead. Taking it to a local repair place this weekend. (I know how disappointed you are).
2. Seth arrived on Saturday and is quite handsome. He, his Mom and family are doing well.
3. The Dads are at it again, but differently. Can't really describe this new dream now.
4. Back is healing. Go for a checkup next week.
5. Luke still needs a job.
6. I now have video capabilities so will upload WONDERFUL, home movies of the vacation as previously promised.
7. Finally closed a retail venture that was not our best business decision. Have the final walk through on Monday.
8. Finished the solar project, including getting our rebate. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. No word from the rest of the family. No news is good news, correct?

Monday, August 13, 2007


Well, I guess the energy is such that my 12 of 12 will not be posted until tomorrow.

Ah, Monday Morning Madness has Manafested itself with a huge uproar.

More later.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

12 of 12 August

Well, I was able to retrieve 12 photos, but I was hoping to get one of the meteor shower this evening to use as my 13th, light. I also don't like including so many of one subject. But when the camera dies, that is all there is.

Here are the twelve I took. All in Elverta California between 6:45am and 8:00am, then the camera died. Bummer.

Angus is 18 this month. This is his standard stance when I am cooking in the kitchen. "I just know something will fall, if I stand here long enough."

KittyKat the dog. "Mom, why are you taking pictures so early. Where's my bacon?"

Our Coast pine that has been ill for nearly 12 years, finally died. Haven't decided what to replace it with and it still shades the house in the evening, so for now it stays.

Boy and Precious waiting patiently for Sunday morning bacon.

The last of the apples from this year's crop. The horses figured out how to get them from the ground and the tree.

More summer squash on its way.

Mom, I am 18, when will this 12 of 12 thing be over?

Now, Angus, now.


12 of 12 August Prelim

Well, I started out doing well, then the camera decided to die. Will get the photos I did take up in a few hours.


Friday, August 10, 2007

My evening with John Edward

Wow, talk about amazing. Maybe there is something to this energy thing…

Well, Robyn came through with a bit of help from my Dad. It was an intimate room of about 175 people. Maybe 200. He had been there the night before. It was my understanding that both nights were sold out months ago. I was sitting with Heather, Kevin, her husband; Tom, her dad; and a friend, Elinor. Regina could not make it. She had a previous engagement with her son Dylan.

John came out an introduced himself and what he does and does not do. He talked about how where you sit and with whom you sit is not random. Honestly, I don’t remember how many groups he had read prior to coming to our side of the room. It was the most exhilarating and cool feeling I have ever had.

We were sitting near the middle of the right side of the stage. There were two women who were on the end, (going from the far outside wall in to the middle of the section), Elinor, me, Kevin, Heather, Tom. Directly behind us were two friends, Anita and Debbie. After he finished on the far side of the room, he told his assistants that he was going to our side. My heart raced. He pointed to the two ladies on the end. They stood. He asked them if they lost some one in a car accident. They said no.

He repeated “I am in that row, the lady in Blue (Elinor), no, the lady in red (me).” Heather and I started to tear up. Could it really be us? We all stood. He asked if we had lost some one in a violent car wreck. No. Does Louisiana or New Orleans mean anything? I replied I was born in Mississippi. He replied, well I flunked geography. Was where you were born affect by Katrina, because that is what I am seeing. I replied, “Yes, the home I was born in was completely demolished by Katrina, that area is no longer there.” He said, then this is definitely you. I was sure my heart stopped.

Who has an “R” name? I replied Robyn and Regina. He said yes. Then he went back to the violent car wreck. We told him Robyn had passed and her death was from a fall from her horse.

She was at a competition, but wasn’t competing at the time of her fall. But it was violent and sudden. Yes. She told him something banged and spooked the horse and there was nothing anyone could do. She wanted to reassure us (Heather and Regina, especially) that even though it happened on “their watch”, it was a freak accident and they could not have prevented it. For some reason the horse just went crazy. He said, but this horse was not hers, it was borrowed or something. (She had been leasing Noble about six months). She was a very good equestrian and had been riding many years and thought about teaching. Yes. He kept repeating there is also an M name. (All we could think of at the time was Heather’s horse Mikey, but after talking afterward, we think she may have been talking about Emmett, her own horse.)

To her Mom: She wanted to be sure we told Regina that she is ok and happy. She is very happy that Regina has been able to forgive the horse and move on with her life. He repeated this several times. She is also glad that we have remained close to Regina and family. Also, she acknowledged the class we hold in her honor in October and the carrying on of her name. (A friend, whose daughter was born in July two years ago, gave her daughter the middle name, Robyn).

Who is the H name? Heather replied, me. He said to Heather that please remember even though you feel responsible you could not have prevented it. There was nothing that could be done. She was brain-dead, due to the swelling on her brain. The shunt worked briefly and gave her relief, but it was time to leave.

He asked why Heather stopped riding. She pointed to Seth and said, I just stopped about a month and half ago. I am due any minute.

He asked about organ donations? (We didn’t have an answer.)

He asked if Mom (Regina) had remarried. No. She (Robyn) was very persistent insisting that a mom had remarried. I asked about getting married. He said no, remarried. I then said her Dad had remarried about, I think, six months before she died. He said no that wasn't it. (After about thirty seconds, I said. “Duh, Heather, YOU got remarried.”)

The month of August is significant and it has been about four years. (It was four years ago on the 8th; her birthday is at the end of August; and Heather is due to deliver Seth any day now).

She wanted us to know the 17th of a month was important. (We thought Dylan was 17, but he just turned 16. However, after talking about it later, we realized that Heather’s original due date was the 17th).

John then told us that it was very important that her Mom hear this message and he repeated that she is happy and ok. I said, “As soon as you take a break or when we are finished for the evening, you can be assured that we will be calling her!!!)

She said good-bye and he moved on. (Wait isn’t dad going to say hello??!!! Greedy I know. He did his job.)

Thank you to all the kind people who took notes for us. I have copies for any of Robyn’s friends or family who would like a set. I am sure I missed some points, but I know I missed none of the the important parts.

Thank you, Dad. Heather needed to hear Robyn.

Note: About four months ago, I had a series of dreams with my dad and father-in-law having starring roles. I knew they were trying to tell me something, but I wasn’t getting it. I even told them that I understood they wanted me to do or get something, but I wasn't getting it. Could they be more clear in the future. I am convinced, now, after last night, that it was to be at this reading and be sure Heather was there. Call it rationalization, call it crazy. I am now a converted healthy skeptic.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Good Morning

Today will (well, should be) a quiet day at the office. It is our company's annual rafting trip on the south fork of the American River and I am holding down the fort here in Vacaville. I couldn't go this year, physician's orders. So instead of closing the office, as in years past, I chose to work. I am hoping to finish catching up from being gone for two WONDERFUL weeks.

Also, I am going to see John Edward tonight in Sacramento. Heather, Tom, Kevin and I are going. I am hoping our friend Regina will be able to go as well. Only hitch in this party, is that Heather and Kevin's baby may decide that being born today is more important than possibly connecting with Diane, Clair, Robyn or Bud. Ah well. I will let you know what the experience is like.

Since I have dreams with my dads (Clair and Bud) frequently, I am open to communication from the dead; but since I don't understand their cryptic devices, maybe John can help me.

Will let you know.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

12 of 12 for AUGUST

is only 5 days away. Are you ready? For those of you who have never done it, join us this month. Thanks, Chad.

Wow. It lands on a Sunday. Which means lots of animal and farm life photos, most likely.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Vacation 2007

Wow. A two-week vacation. First time in many years. Looking forward to getting a couple of things done around the house and then it is off to the Seattle, Washington area. We are going to Whidbey Island to fish, relax, and visit family. My two brothers-in-law, Kelly and Kevin, sister-in-law, Teresa, and her husband, Rick, and son, Matthew, are joining us. We are taking our nephew, Adam. (Thanks, Kal and Janelle). We were going to drive, but since I hurt my back, we decided to fly.

We are flying into Portland, Oregon. It was less expensive than flying directly to Seattle. Go figure. In fact, between the rental car and airfare we are still money ahead than we would be if we flew to Seattle. And we now have a few more sightseeing options. We may go to Mt. Saint Helens on the way to (or from) Seattle.

Wednesday, July 25th: We leave for Portland. 6:30am. Arrive at the airport at 5:10. The line to get through security is twisted back and forth and into the parking garage landing area and back down the escalator to the baggage area. Never knew Sacramento Intergalactic was so busy so early in the morning. Believe it or not, the screening process took us only about 30 minutes. We are at the gate before 6am. Watching the planes take off and the sunrise.

Arrive in Portland at 7:55 am. Down the people mover and to baggage claim and the car rental counter. Off to the car. A Pontiac G6. 19,654 miles. Florida plates. Who would have guessed that a car we rented in Oregon, was registered in Florida.

Head north on Interstate 5. Stop in Woodland (Washington) for breakfast. Then a stop at the Mt. St. Helens’ Observatory outlook. Maybe we will drive to the mountain on the way home. Depends on our timing. Take a two-mile hike. Listen to the resident Osprey babies let ANYONE who will listen that they are not being fed fast enough. According to the sign, they can eat as much as 6 pounds of meat per day. And there are three of them. Can’t really see Mt. St. Helens clearly.

Continue north on Interstate 5. Through Olympia and a glimpse of the state capitol building. We then get on Highway 101 and head toward the Olympic peninsula. What beautiful mountains and scenery. But the lack of rain this spring is noticeable. Arrive in Port Townsend to ride the Keystone ferry to Whidbey Island. Missed the 4 o’clock ride by 5 minutes. Wait for 20 or so minutes. We are the first car on. Cool.

Proceed south on Highway 525 toward Clinton. Stop for a late lunch/early dinner in Langley. Village Pizzeria. VERY GOOD. Arrive at house on Deer Lake. Rest of the family have arrived and is getting groceries and having dinner. They arrive around 7:30.

Is there a plan for tomorrow? Nope. We are getting up early (by 8 for my relatives) and heading to Seattle. Yea.

Thursday, July 26th. We manage to get everyone together around 10:30 am. We head for the ferry. Over a two-hour wait. We decide to head back to the house. Feed the ducks and geese and attempt to catch some fish. The "guys" hanging in Langley: (from right to left) Brandt, Adam, Kelly, Kevin, Rick and Matthew.
Teresa looking for Uncle Joe's.

And read. I am nearly done with the seventh Harry Potter book. Receiving lots of flack from the family, since I announced that I always read the last chapter first (SPOILER ALERT) and I know that Harry, Hermonine, Ron and Ginny all survive. I also have figured out that since Harry’s second son’s name is Albus Serverus, that SNAPE IS NOT BAD!!!!! (My two nephews lost a quarter each on that one). Great dinner, prepared by the brothers-in-law.

Friday, July 27th. We manage to actually get going early. We head to the Space Needle and site of the 1962 World’s Fair. Great view day. That's Queen Anne Hill in the background. Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker can actually be seen. Nice lunch at Pike Place Bar and Grill. Watch the fish toss. Check out some of the Pigs throughout the City.
Ride the monorail and the carnival rides. (Well, Brandt and Adam ride the rides. I watch). Brandt and family went to dinner with Uncle Gene and Aunt Judy. I finish Harry Potter and start Son of a Witch.

Saturday, July 28th. Breakfast with Aunt Judy and Uncle Gene. Another day of feeding the ducks, canoeing and fishing. Adam even did some swimming and rock throwing. One of the visitors to the house. Right at the back door. Very kind of it to stick around for several shots.

Antique shopping in downtown Langley. Went to Uncle Joe and Aunt Florence’s for a fish feed and to visit. Cousin Lisa and family were there. Cousin Diane and family joined a bit later for a large barn fire on the shoreline. Adam and I went home a bit early. My back got “tweaked” sometime during the day and I need to lie down.

Sunday, July 29th. Rick and Kevin are returning home. So, Kelly, Teresa and Matthew head to Seattle taking the departing duo to the airport and then heading to the aquarium. They had a good time. Uncle Rick made it home without trouble. Kevin ending up spending the night in the Salt Lake City airport. (Long story and I am not sure I really know why or how you travel from Seattle to San Diego via SLC, but I wasn’t the travel agent for this trip).

Adam, Brandt and I head to Greenbank and the Loganberry Festival. It is cold. Even the locals are complaining about the temperature. What a good, some would consider, old-fashioned time. There is face-painting, hay-rides, pie-eating contests, food, coloring contests, dunk tanks, food, water balloon toss, toy fishing, food, tricycle races, crafts, food, fire trucks to climb on, bounce houses, bounce slides, bowling, food, clowns that folded balloons and, of course, loganberry fixed everyway you can conceive, including wine. And did I mention food?
Uncle Brandt gives Adam the Pirate a boost to watch the pie-eating contest.

Monday, July 30th. Teresa, Matt and I head to downtown Langley. We are souvenir shopping. Wonderful soap shop and country store. Finally find the wifi café, but of course, the computer is in Clinton, at the Deer Lake house. Ah, well. Will continue keeping this log and post later. We have another wonderful meal at the Village Pizzeria. We, then, head to Uncle Joe’s for more family time.

Tuesday, July 31st. Check out day from the Deer Lake House. Teresa, Kelly and Matt have an early flight so they leave around 9am. We stay and fish and pack and canoe some more and feed the ducks the remaining bread. What a nice place to stay. Not sure we will ever get anyone else to join us there. “Nothing to do”. We head across the ferry for the last time, this trip, and head south to Orting, Washington, to visit my dad’s sister, Kathleen. We last saw her in October 2005 at our family reunion. She had a 90th birthday party in early May, but I decided not to go, since it had only been a week since I fell off Luke and my back was tender. (Boy, did I make a mistake. More on that later). She sold her old house and moved to a new one. It is perfect for her. We took her to dinner at a local restaurant, The Café Around the Corner. The food was good, huge grandma-sized portions. Won’t need to eat for a week. We stay until 7 or so and head south toward Mt. Rainier National Park. We stay in Eatonville and watch the sun set on the 14,410-foot majestic tower. Can’t get the wifi to work. This photo is taken near "Iron Mike" a creek that is orange.

Wednesday, August 1st. We head east to Mt. Rainier National Park. We come across waterfalls, birds, creeks, rivers, mud, trees, and spectacular views of Mt. Rainier. After spending the entire day in the park, we head toward Portland. We stay the night in Kelso, Washington.

Thursday, August 2nd. We head to Portland, for we are returning home. We go east on Highway 14 and travel the Columbia River Gorge. We are on the Lewis and Clark Historic Trail. Beautiful. We cross the Columbia at Bonneyville and head west on Interstate 84. We turn off and take the old highway, catching several waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, the second highest year-round waterfall in the United States. Again, just beautiful. We make it home very late. All is well here.

Friday, August 3rd. We have a relaxing day, grocery shopping and getting the house back in order. Then, we attend the Music Circus production of “Kiss me, Kate”. Adam really enjoyed it.