Friday, July 13, 2007

More Vacation Photos

Here are couple of photos of Quinn and Adam playing in the water at the Santa Monica Pier.

I took more videos than stills, so as soon as I figure out how to upload videos, there will be more vacation photos. In two weeks we are off to the great northwest to visit family, friends and sight see.

Fun summer.

By the way

I do know it is July, not June. But I don't want to change the links.

Ah, well, shows you how much attention I pay to detail at 9 in the evening.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

12 of 12 June

Here is this month's 12 of 12. If you are new to 12 of 12, well, it was started by Chad Darnell and the "assignment" is to take 12 photos on the 12th of the month depicting your day. Here was my day.

Started out with an MRI and Bone Density testing at Kaiser. Haven't been to the main hospital in many years (four years ago for my mom and three years ago for the birth of a friend's twins). Hasn't changed since I was a kid. However, they are now a totally smoke-free campus. I meant to take a photo of their new sign, but was so relieved to get out of there that I took this one as I left the parking lot. Sacramento 10:45 am

Next stop: the Bank. They are remodeling so the sign out front was all that was interesting. Sacramento 11:00 am

My sunhat, cell phone wrapped by my Big Dog hair scrunchie and the book I am reading on the front seat of the car. Wicked, by Gregory Maguire. I am enjoying seeing a story from a different point of view. The other points of view from stories have always interested me, but I never actually acted on those views.

And then to work. Trafffic on westbound Interstate 80 on the Yolo Causeway. Yes, the windshield dirty, again. Or is it still? 11:20 am

My Desk. Vacaville, CA Noon.

Broken Window in the rental space at our offices. Vacaville 3:30pm Not sure when it happened. Sometime between 10am and 2pm

On my way home. Interstate 5 just over the Sacramento River. Stuck in traffic. Running on the electric motor. 5:56pm

Home is where the Quail are. Elverta CA 6:30pm. There are at least twenty babies with this group. And are they ever quick to hide.

Grapes. Will we get any this year? Great crop, but in years past, we have not gotten any. The birds always get there before we do. Elverta CA 7:00 pm

And last but not least, the citrus grove. Elverta CA 7:05pm
All-in-all, not a bad day.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Escaped the heat

We ran away to the beach. Beautiful Santa Monica, California. Never made it to the beach.
Went to Griffith Park. Wow. The fire area is large, but thankfully, the pony rides and trains and other adventures were not harmed.

Here's some photos.
Cousins (my nephews) Adam and Quinn. In the cab of the Number 26.
This train is from the Western Pacific and at one time ran on the tracks behind our home.

This is the infred photo of Adam, Quinn and Keith. Taken at the Observatory in Griffith Park. The last few years we have been down to visit, it has been closed for remodeling. It is beautiful.

More photos later. Today: The movies and who knows what else.

Later. Don't fry.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

One Week Call


One week to 12 of 12. A Thursday. What will exciting paths will we cross? A RiverCats game, perhaps. Well, whatever it brings, we'll photograph it.

On to other stuff.

I am off to Santa Monica for the annual visit with the wonderful nephew, Quinn. Photos to follow in the next few days. I leave this evening, in time for sunset on the beach.