Friday, April 27, 2007

Damn, Again, Still no Dawg

Well, we received several phone calls from two different people in an apartment complex about 12 miles from our house. They saw our fliers. They are certain she is hanging with one of their neighbors dogs. We went door-to-door yesterday, talking with people and asking if they had seen her. Nothing.

We got a call from a young girl, about 12. She is certain she saw her at the grocery store that is 4 miles from here and 8 miles from the apartment complex noted above. We drive by there early and late every day. No find.

We got a call from a store manager at another grocery store, 10 miles from here, 6 miles from the apartment complex and 15 from the other grocery store. He is certain she was there hanging out a couple of nights ago. But he wasn't able to catch her. She just ran to cover.

Personally, I think aliens have abducted her.



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