Thursday, April 12, 2007

12 of 12 April

Thank you,Chad for such a wonderful idea.

The Nut Tree is back!!! Located in Vacaville, CA, it was a place we stopped when we were coming home from SF. It closed for a while, but is reopened. YEA!!!!!! Vacaville CA 6:45am

The green hills of Vacaville. They won’t be green much longer. Vacaville, CA 6:55am

Our new sign. I think it was worth the wait. (We moved into our new offices last September.) Vacaville, CA 7:15am

The parking structures at Millennium SportsClub Vacaville. The solar installation is nearly complete. Vacaville CA 7:15am

Parking structure with the solar panels installed. Everyone is excited about the shaded parking. I am excited about saving on our electric bill. Vacaville CA 7:20am

What happens when you drop a solar panel from a two-story roof? This is the result. Vacaville, CA 7:30am

My new best friend. The Vichy Shower. At Millennium Salon and Spa. I can walk with ease today because of the treatment yesterday. Vacaville, CA 10:15am

My “Love UMA” mouse pad arrived yesterday. YEA!!! Listening to Elton John’s Duets and trying to get all the post-it notes from the week cleared off my desk. Well, I was down to three by this time. Vacaville CA 11:15 am

The new citrus area. Nearly complete. Seven trees. Two may or may not have survived the cold weather this winter, only time will tell. Elverta CA 5:30pm

This month’s Spring flowers. Iris. They looked beautiful and full yesterday, but with today’s 15mph north wind, gusting to 25, they have fallen over today. Still pretty, just not tall like yesterday. Elverta CA 6pm

I love the color of this one. Elverta CA 6:15pm

Even the raspberries have flowers and leaves. Yummmm! Elverta CA 6:15pm

Bonus Word: Poison

This is a “weed”. Its common name is Fiddleneck. It is poisonous for horses to eat. Best way to eradicate it. Pull it. We have very little in our pastures, because we pull it when it first emerges. Thought we had gotten it all for this year. Yes, I pulled this one after taking its picture. Elverta CA 6:30pm



At 3:12 PM, April 13, 2007 , Blogger Bonnie said...

AWESOME 12 of 12, Liz. Don't let Keith be mean to you. ;)

LOVE YOU! Thanks for loving Uma. XO

At 6:53 PM, April 13, 2007 , Blogger Dogeared said...

Mmm, fresh raspberries!

And I think we call that plant ragwort - the poison weed one, I mean. Never heard it called "Fiddleneck", must be a US thing!

At 8:29 PM, April 13, 2007 , Blogger beth said...

Awesome!!! Wow...that solar pannel is so pretty. Even if it is busted.

At 8:29 PM, April 13, 2007 , Blogger Susan said...

you drive from Elverta to Vacaville every day?!?! wow! hope your trees survived the weird winter!


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